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A complete siddur (prayer book) for the period of bereavemen

The laws and customs of the year of mourning.


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King Solomon's Second Temple Jerusalem built 514 BCE destroyed 70 CE in the Jewish revolt against Rome.

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The Yahrzeit Organization takes no Halacha responsibility for the answers given and advises every one to consult with their local Rabbi at all times.

The following are questions and answers that have been collected over the years.

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Q) If someone passed away on xx/xx/xxx what date would that fall out this year?
A) You can look up the answer on this page.

Q) Where can I find sunrise and set times

For your information

Yizkor is said 4 times a year
On Yom Kippur , The 2nd to last day of Sukkos , The last day of Passover and The last Day of Shavous

A Memorial candle is lit 5 times a year.
On the Anniversary of death. On each day Yizkor is said.

If you are asking a question about when a specific date is, Why not try our online calendar at

For questions about dates
We would suggests getting a 120 year calendar it should be able to answer your questions.
If you don't have one you can get one at
http://www.artscroll.com/linker/info/home If you don't see it e-mail them and ask for a 120 year calendar.



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