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Sunrise and Sunset Times

A complete siddur (prayer book) for the period of bereavemen

The laws and customs of the year of mourning.


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Model of King Solomon's Second Temple  

To learn more about this Re-creation follow this link
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The Model comes with a booklet that guides you through the Temple Courtyard and Sanctuary.
The model depicts the main hall, The outer altar, Outer sanctuary, and inner Sanctuary in amazing detail.

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Naming of a Child

It is customary to name your child after a deceased relative. * This is a time lasting tradition that has taken root for many reasons. The Rabbi's teach us the concept that a name is not simply a convenient convention, but it reflects the nature of each creature. The names of people have had a profound significance that expressed their mission in life. By naming the child we hope the child will benefit from the deceased and carry out the good works of the deceased. The naming takes place when the Torah is read. This custom of naming the child by the Torah is only performed for females due to the fact that for boys the custom is to name the boy only by the circumcision, this custom is passed down from Abraham our forefather.
If your child does not have a Jewish name or has not had their name called out in the traditional Jewish way; the Yahrzeit Organization will have the child named.**

To Name the Child

* There are customs to name the child after a living relative

 **This service does not render the child Jewish, it only gives a Jewish child a Jewish name




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