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The Psalms said in the time of need and for the departed, are traditionally from the book of David who ruled as king of the Jews for 40 years.

For 2000 years it has been passed down from generation to generation shedding tears of hope on all Jews struggling with their daily survival.

Jews for centuries have turned to this book, a holy book about which God relayed to David the following: „ One day of your praises & songs is more precious than thousands of offerings your son King Solomon will bring

This is the book that all Jews can turn to uplift the Jewish mind and spirit daily as well as in times of illness and calamity. Even after death we can turn to these passages for the well being of the departed
soul.  The Yahrzeit Organization can arrange to have these holy and famous words of David said on the Yahrzeit.

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To have a Psalm said for a sick individual

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