Hand Painted Model of Jerusalem Second Temple

Model of King Solomon's Second Temple Jerusalem built 514 BCE destroyed 70 CE in the Jewish revolt against Rome.

This Hand Painted Model is based on the dimensions of King Solomon's Temple discussed in the Talmud and Maimonides.
the focal point of the Temple Mount was a central courtyard containing the structure of the Beis Hamikdosh.

The Model depicts, in amazing detail, the Main Hall of the Temple (the Hechal) which also contained the Holy of the Holies,
the outer Altar and Inner Sanctuary. The Outer Alter area was where the incense and sacrifices were brought up daily
by the Kohanim (Priests).

The Ark of the Covenant (which contained the tablets with the Ten Commandments)were in the large building in the area
called The Holy of Holies, as its name implies, it was the most sacred part of the entire Temple.
Entry was forbidden except on Yom Kippur when the High Priest entered the inner sanctuary.

This Model is an exquisite hand painted show piece made of resin measuring

  • 23 in long
  • 12 in wide
  • over 8 in tall
  • and weighing 22lbs

This dazzling masterpiece of craftsmanship is the most stunning eye gratifying depiction of the second temple ever
offered outside a museum. The highly detailed Model comes with a booklet that guides you through the Temple
courtyard and sanctuary making it a magnificent presentation peace for anyone.



The Model of Jerusalem's Second Temple is available at www.templemodels.com


The Model comes with a booklet that guides you through the Temple Courtyard and Sanctuary.
The Model depicts the Main Hall, The outer altar, Outer sanctuary, and Inner Sanctuary in amazing detail.

For ordering information contact http://www.templemodels.com

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