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The Yahrzeit Organization helps those who are not able to join in a traditional service. We have a dedicated staff who will say Kaddish, Psalms, Mishnah and/or any other prayer that may be needed on their behalf. Our staff includes Rabbis who are dedicated to traditional values and have a strong devotion to helping others. The Yahrzeit Organization is a non-profit organization that supports a wide spectrum of traditionally valued causes. We help feed and care for the poor and needy through organizations and societies. Moreover, on an individual basis we help support different orphans and brides who are in need of assistance.

Charity is long imbedded in Jewish tradition, back to the days of Abraham's tent with four doors, open all day waiting for visitors, to tend to their needs. It is deeply rooted and there are many quotes and stories relating its purposes.

There is a quote that says,  That pennies can save your life. You may wonder how that is possible in today's day and age. Imagine you give pennies to a poor person and you say how can it help him! But think for a moment. If your dollar helped him obtain a cup of coffee and a roll on a cold winter morning saving him from starvation, G-d will look upon that as if you saved his life. There may come a time a family member may be ill or in a life threatening situation and G-d will look upon them with the same generosity that you gave with those few pennies.

There are some very powerful quotations brought down from generation to generation referencing the powers of charity. The following are but a few:

There is no greater antidote to the angel of death than the giving of charity.

"Even if the angels of punishment will be given permission to extract their due. The angel of charity will not let them.

"Turnesrufus once asked the famous ancient Rabbi Akiba a question. If G-d loves the poor why does he not support them?î  The answer is simple, through your giving of charity you will have the opportunity to gain such great merit.

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The Jewish Soul

The belief in the everlasting Jewish Soul is a cornerstone that the Jewish people have believed in for thousands of years. That is to say that when we pass on from this world we go to a more spiritual domain, that is different from where we were, and which is not necessarily understandable to us. By comparison, a fetus falling through the birth canal leaving its warm and nourishing world, thinking it is falling into a dark abyss, then suddenly hearing noises seeing bright lights and feeling cold air in what is our real world.  So too the departed has moved on to another world. It is important that their legacy must not be forgotten.

A basic concept is that one is held responsible for his actions and must be accountable for them. But what a person leaves behind is part of his actions and can stand testimony to help elevate the departed soul. This is most commonly done in the form of making dedications (see dedications) and giving charity for righteous causes as well as by saying prayers in the memory of the departed soul. These actions are based on fundamental teachings  (See charity) passed down over centuries.

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